All the crowdfunding resources you need to create a successful campaign.

As you go through your crowdfunding journey, we're committed to making sure you have the advice, tools and resources to set you up for success. Below you'll find links to a few resources that will help you launch and complete a successful crowdfunding campaign with ATB BoostR. 

Crowdfunding 101 and campaign setup

You have two options to crowdfund the way you want to—take it one step at a time with actionable workbooks to guide planning your campaign, or download the guide for a free-style approach.


Option 1: Helpful readings and workbooks

Launching a crowdfunding campaign is hard work so we've put together readings and easy to follow workbooks that will help you complete each part of campaign setup.

  1. Value proposition, team structure and funding goal. Learn the importance of creating a value proposition, building the right team and choosing a realistic funding goal. 
  2. Customer research. Learn the importance of knowing who your competition is, doing market research and creating customer personas.
  3. Social media and marketing. Learn how marketing will help you achieve your funding goal.
  4. Video and rewards. Learn what goes in to creating a video and how to choose the right rewards for your campaign. 


Option 2: Download ATB's crowdfunding guide

The ATB entrepreneur’s guide to crowdfunding will help you navigate the world of crowdfunding by giving you a holistic look at what you'll need to work on before you launch like:

  • Building your team
  • Determining your funding goal
  • Finding your crowd
  • Telling your story
  • Creating your video
  • Determining your rewards
  • Choosing a launch date

Ready to dive in? Download the guide.


After your campaign has launched


Helpful readings and workbooks

After getting your campaign setup, you still have to hustle! Stay on track with these helpful readings and workbooks:

1. Mental health check-in and campaign reflection. Mental health resources to help you on your journey.

2. Campaign optimization strategies. Overcome the common challenges entrepreneurs face during their crowdfunding campaign with these tips and tricks.

3. Campaign finish line—now what? Whether or not you had a “successful” campaign (we think the fact that you finished is a success, by the way), we invite you to take a moment to reflect to figure out your next steps.

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