Build Her Business

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An opportunity for women entrepreneurs to raise capital, build community and receive mentorship through crowdfunding.

From makers to innovators, Build Her Business is open to all women entrepreneurs across Alberta. The program is a great fit for those who:

  • Have a side hustle or hobby and are looking to test their offering in the market.
  • Just started a business and need capital to purchase something tangible like a piece of equipment.
  • Have a growing business and need capital to expand.
  • Are ready to leverage their crowd February 1 to March 8, 2022.


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What is Build Her Business?

Build Her Business is a rewards-based crowdfunding initiative through ATB BoostR that makes it possible for women with Alberta-based businesses to test ideas and products, promote their business, and raise money in exchange for a reward.

Grow your business

Get expert help and guidance

See how much funding you can raise to take your business to the next level.

You’ll have opportunities to network and be supported and mentored by the BHB team and successful women entrepreneurs.

Leverage the crowd

Connect with women entrepreneurs

Validate your business idea and grow your loyal following with rewards-based crowdfunding.

Build new friendships, explore ideas, overcome challenges and celebrate wins with Albertan girl bosses like you.


What the numbers say about women and crowdfunding

Statistics show that crowdfunding is a credible financing source where women outperform men. According to PwC Consulting, compared to men, women are 32% more successful in reaching their target and tend to pull in a higher average pledge amount. It’s time to get out there and own it—that’s why we created Build Her Business for women like you.



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