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Learn how the payment choices you make for your business can drive efficiency, enhance security and prepare your business for future possibilities. 

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Payments Help Efficiency

The payments landscape is rapidly changing—affecting your business, your clients, and your bottom line. Join Daniel Ferrer, Senior Director, Payments, Cards, & Liquidity, Rachel Baird, Senior Manager Business Solutions, and Sanam Dhaliwal, Director, Business Development, as they share what efficiencies the right payments systems can bring now and in the future.


Let's talk about your payments.

Connect with an ATB team member to evaluate your current payment solutions and discuss possible changes to increase efficiency and security.

It pays to think about your payment solutions.

Ready to implement some changes? Click let’s talk. If you’re still figuring things out and want to stay up to date on all things payment related, click sign up and get email updates and the latest information about payment solutions delivered to your inbox.



Frequently asked questions

How can ATB help optimize my payments strategy? Together we’ll review your business’ unique needs, reviewing your payables and receivables, to ensure your business is using the most suitable payments methods. We’ll discuss your current practices, where your business is headed, and how new solutions may save your business time, money and increase security. We can advise on payments, best practices for implementation and security to ensure your business is ready for the future. 
How long does it usually take to implement a new payment solution?

This varies by solution. Implementing some solutions like Interac® e-Transfer for Business can be quickly implemented in a matter of days, whereas solutions like corporate creditor can take substantially longer.

When implementing any solution, you will need to factor in time for your employees, changing systems, and implementing workflows which vary business to business. An ATB team member will make sure that your business has all it needs to adopt new solutions with confidence. 

What information do I need to bring to a payment strategy meeting with ATB?

To make the most of your meeting, you should bring information about your payables and receivables, including which solutions you use most frequently. Information about the future of your business will be helpful to discuss so your payments fit where you are now, and where you will be.

Payment strategy meetings are discussions. We know that you know your business, come with that understanding and together we’ll identify opportunities and a path forward for payments.

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