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with the right process and experts on your side

When you're in the process of divorce, working with an expert who has a specialized in-depth understanding of all the financial factors in negotiating a settlement can make all the difference. Know what to expect, and feel supported and equipped to make the best financial decisions each step of the way.


PROTECT Protect your financial situation with expert advice and resources to organize information. Feel prepared to enter a separation agreement negotiation with clarity on process and considerations.  
PLAN Evaluate settlement options against your future needs and understand the risks and benefits. Identify your evolving financial factors, from a household budget to retirement and other milestones.  
PROSPER Feel relieved a settlement is behind you and confident in the decisions made to get to this point. Experience continued support in making the best financial decisions moving forward, independently.  

Get a clear understanding of how the division of assets will impact your financial future.

More than 20 years in practice have led Orlando to focus on the financial impact of divorce. A chartered financial divorce specialist, he puts his training, knowledge and network to work for his clients and he seeks to earn their trust with excellent service.


LinkedIn: Orlando Trulli


Benefit from a proactive approach, from minimizing financial impact in dividing assets to planning for your best possible outcome post-divorce.

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